S2 E8 Endings and Beginnings

Each recap aims to be spoiler free. I won’t speculate too much on the future but will get you up to speed in the current episode. Thank you for reading and you can contact the show by emailing wakeupwinden@gmail.com. I am putting this part at the top of the recaps to prevent spoilers from the posts. Cheers!


I was such a sweet summer child when I thought I could do these plot summaries in one paragraph. Here we go.


It’s the day of the apocalypse in Winden. June 27, 2020 ( a little bit on the nose Dark creators).  Jonas the Stranger makes the truly desperate decision to take Martha at gunpoint to the bunker.  He locks her in, but his plan is foiled when Peter and Elisabeth enter.  Martha breaks loose in order to find the younger, more age appropriate version of Jonas. 

The younger Jonas has teamed up with Red Claudia.  He tells her they have to change one grain of sand to make everything different.  When they arrive in 2020, Jonas tells Claudia to take the time machine to the bunker.  She does, but makes a pit stop on the way to pick up Regina – who hasn’t seen her mother in 33 years.  The foursome of Regina, Red Claudia, Peter, and Young Elisabeth make up the bunker crew when the apocalypse hits.

Fransziska, Magnus, and Bartosz can’t find the time machine, but can feel that something is about to happen.  They know they can go to the bunker, but they try waiting for Young Jonas. Instead, they get Jonas the Stranger.  He comes in with the time machine and transports them at the last minute.

Clausen has now begun his search of the power plant.   He is suspicious of a radioactive room that has concrete burying the danger barrels.   Charlotte desperately tries to stop him from opening the barrels once he finds them.  He goes through with it anyway and this seems to be the trigger for the apocalypse.  Charlotte and Elisabeth from the Future see each other from across the portal in the exact same way Young Helge and Jonas saw each other.  Charlotte’s fate is unknown, but she appears to be yanked into the portal when they try to touch.

Katharina wanted to take action and bring Mikkel back herself, even though Jonas the Stranger told her it would be impossible.  At the time of the apocalypse, she had opened the Sic Mundus Door.  Where will she be when we resume Season 3?

So the apocalypse is about to wipe out Winden, but now we have to deal with Adam.  Using the help of Older Fran and Older Magnus, he uses the God Particle to go to 2020.  He shows up at Jonas’ house where Martha and Jonas have linked up.  He very suddenly shoots and kills Martha.  He disappears and just when all appears to be lost, an Alternate Martha appears! She says the question is not when is she from, but what world? She pulls out a gold orb and her and Jonas disappear just as the house explodes.

Questions For Season 3

  • How many different worlds are there?
  • What will cause the rift between Jonas/Adam and Claudia?
  • Who is this new Martha?
  • Is Adam really Jonas?
  • What time period will Charlotte end up in?
  • What will happen to Katharina in the cave?
  • What is Clausen’s deal? Is he a time traveler?
  • Woller’s eye damn it!
  • What is Hannah’s plan?
  • Is Ulrich’s storyline (in this dimension) over?
  • Who is Aleksander truly?
  • What becomes of Peter and Regina after the bunker?
  • Give me a whole series on what happens to Fran, Magnus, Bartosz, and Jonas the Stranger.
  • So Agnes from the 1950s hangs out with Magnus and Franzsika? Awesome.
  • Did Doris (Egon’s wife, had to look it up!) time travel with Agnes?
  • Is Ines part of Adam’s crew? Wait, she brought Noah in to see Mikkel… Oh boy, I feel slow on the draw.  I knew she was bad! 
  • What happens to the rest of Germany? (LOL this is probably a stupid question)
  • Who are all of the people from the Sic Mundus photo?

Whip Around Winden


I hope you’re happy, jerk.  Thanks for blowing up the town.

Noah (old)

You got played! See ya never, loser.  Also EWWWWWW.

Noah (young)

You are going to conceive your daughter with your grandaughter.  Enjoy the next 33 years. Did you see how he strutted out of the Sic Mundus HQ? 

Claudia and Jonas

It’s hopeless. Give it up you two, 66 years will go by and jack shit will change. You two are hamsters on wheels. (What does that make me, the viewer?)

Jonas the Stranger

Nope, nope, nope, nope! This is where he starts to turn into Adam. When he takes Martha at gunpoint with all of the right “intentions.” Adam always is making excuses like “it had to be this way.”


Why’d you have to go and do something stupid like that? I hate you. That was bullshit. Fantastic 4 lookin’ ass.  You say time plays cruel jokes? Yeah only to your face! ::mic drop:: 


Talk to your mom and tell her where you are going next time.  I can’t believe he comes from the same line as Egon. He’d be rolling over in his grave.

Bartosz more like Fartosz.

(I’m so sorry)


Oh I really want to see how this is going to go. Katharina’s bulldozer tendencies are bound to treat her well in another time period. I’m sure she will be nothing but tactful.


Magnus, on the sinking Titanic.  If they don’t fix the ship in the 30 minutes, then we’ll get on the rescue boats.


You’re perfect. I love you.

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