S1 E9 Everything is Now

Each recap aims to be spoiler free. I won’t speculate too much on the future but will get you up to speed in the current episode. Thank you for reading and you can contact the show by emailing wakeupwinden@gmail.com. I am putting this part at the top of the recaps to prevent spoilers from the posts. Cheers!


When you have three different time periods to recap


Ulrich decides to linger in 1953. His delay gets him arrested by a young Egon Tiedemann. He raves about how he should have changed the past because Helge is dead. The mysteriously dark Bernd Doppler urged Egon to find Helge no matter the cost. It turns out that Bernd may not be the father of Helge. Greta Doppler (Helge’s mom) confides in Noah. Helge was not born out of love. Is Noah Helge’s father? In the Tiedemann household, Agnes is getting closer with Egon’s wife as Agnes has her try on an elegant dress. Claudia wants to know more about Tronte’s past and we find out Agnes’ dead husband was a priest.


Helge wakes up inside the bunker. Elderly Claudia visits H.G. Tanhauss giving him the blueprints for a time machine.


Aleksander Tiedemann’s origin story revealed – he used to be Boris Niewald and then changed his name to Aleksander Kohler via illegal passport.  We are introduced to him running from barking dogs and he is nursing a bullet wound. He happens upon a young Regina who is being tormented by Crabbe and Goyle, I mean Katharina and Ulrich. They are beating her up because Hannah placed it in Katharina’s head that it was Regina who lied to the police. Aleksander stops it by pointing a gun at Katharina and making them leave. Regina helps bandage Aleksander and he buries his old passport and gun. Hannah is lurking in the forest for some reason and sees him.

Old Egon investigates Helge by going to his house when Helge doesn’t show up for their interview.  Helge questions Noah about killing the children and Noah gives a spooky people are evil and I’m trying to save humanity speech. 

Claudia is trying to find out more about the danger barrels. The old boss says Helge is one of the few people who knew about them. Claudia hires Aleksander to work at the power plant for some discreet metal work. 


Hannah took the bag and kept it a secret for 33 years. She reveals it to Aleksander and blackmails him to destroy Ulrich.  Tiedemann has an inside man, the one-eyed Woller, on the police staff. He tries to get information on Ulrich. Katharina looks for Ulrich at the police station and at Hannah’s house. She is hyper aggressive at both places and Hannah digs the knife further into Katharina’s back by telling her that it was Hannah that ended the relationship. Bartosz gets a visit from an elderly Claudia – according to Bartosz, Claudia had died long before he was born. Regina goes to clean up The Stranger’s room and she sees his deranged work. The Stranger finds the danger barrels on a truck.  Bartosz meets up with Noah having reconsidered Noah’s offer (which we know nothing about).

Trending Down


Watching Hannah’s behavior

Wow wow wow wow wow. Scary stuff from Hannah. She is ruthless towards Katharina when the principal storms in. First, she is like “Oh why would Ulrich be here?” I’m surprised Katharina didn’t throw her through a window.  Then, after Katharina takes a moment to be vulnerable, Hannah lets her know that it’s over. “Because of me! I ended it even though Ulrich is so pushy, oh you know how he is! I didn’t even want it, but Ulrich just needed to have me.” (That’s the jist)

“Hannah, you are a no good, back-stabbing, two-timing, scheming scary lady. I yield my time, FUCK YOU!” – Katarina Nielson on a yelp review for Hannah Kahnwald’s Massage Business.

But not you Maja Schöne, I think you are fabulous. I am truly terrified of Hannah.

P.S. I didn’t even mention the fact that she’s blackmailing someone with info she has sat on for 33 years. Long con!


How did she become principal?  Add another assault to her record. She also is rude to Charlotte, a Wake Up Winden favorite. No need to slam the door on Charlotte! Not only that but,

I’m your classic oversharer.

She talks about Ulrich’s adulterous acts. Now Charlotte is getting it from both sides.

I’ma need a drink


Anybody else rolling their eyes listening to his bullshit? He is appearing all over the timeline. When Helge tries to question him about their horrific behavior, he goes on a rant about how all people are evil.  He is trying to build a time machine using the dead children’s energy.  Noah – one – there’s a cave that lets you jump between 33 years. Two, there’s this dude in town who wrote a book about time travel who has access to not one, but two time machines. And he has the blueprints! They don’t look like your death chair! 


I feel bad for putting him here because I don’t know how he is supposed to handle the information that Martha is his aunt, but this is brutal.  Martha is trying to call him from her dirty living room and he won’t answer for three days. He tries to get away with a quick Hello – welp gotta go that Martha blocks. He tells Martha that they aren’t right for eachother. Come on Jonas! Oh no, am I rooting for incest?

Trending Up:


I really like how he stood up for Regina. Classy. I don’t know what he was running from or why he had to change his name, but I want to find out.  I’m wondering if he was time travelling. We see him in the forest before the 1986 chiron appears, leading me to think he was in 1953. However, later in the episode, we see a modern Hannah pull out the blackmail bag and then the 2019 chiron appears. Perhaps each little story this episode had its own cold open. Anyway, I would guess that Aleksander is some sort of time traveller.  He also works his way into a Power Plant gig. This leads a marriage, another name change, and ultimately Aleksander becomes the boss of the whole plant.


I like this older version of Claudia owning up to her mistakes. She gives Bartosz a nice picture of Regina and herself. She says she wants to set the course of time right.  What has happened to her in the time since she disappeared? Was she time hopping all over the place?

Random Thoughts:

  • There is a Kahnwald working for the police in 1953. Could it be Ines’ father?
  • Why is Bernd Doppler getting the Noah treatment when it comes to sound production?
  • I love how they kept showing the time machine and the different parts rising as they went between time periods.
  • What is middle aged Helge doing with those acorns? Does he leave those little statues as traps for children? I think that is what Yasin picked up right before Noah took him.
  • Regina is able to heal Aleksander’s gunshot wound with bandages at her house. Riiiight.
  • Magnus is trying to press Franzsika for further details on her money box, but she doesn’t want to share.
  • I cackled when Katarina mocks Hannah with the “I… I… I… I….” 
  • Thought the dust was a bit dramatic at the Winden Forest Hotel. What does Regina do all at the front desk, just stand there? And is she the only one who works at the hotel? It seems to be a one woman operation.
  • What is The Stranger going to do with the Danger Barrels?

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