S2 E5 Lost and Found

Each recap aims to be spoiler free. I won’t speculate too much on the future but will get you up to speed in the current episode. Thank you for reading and you can contact the show by emailing wakeupwinden@gmail.com. I am putting this part at the top of the recaps to prevent spoilers from the posts. Cheers!



Jonas and Adam spend their whole portion of the episode having a conversation about changing time.  Adam thinks that if Jonas stops the beginning – Michael hanging himself – everything will be reordered.  1921 also has a God Particle – this one will allow him to go to any time in history.  Jonas steps into the God Particle in an attempt to travel to June 20, 2019 – the day before his father died.


Claudia visits Egon for the first time in probably decades and invited him to live with Claudia and Regina. She also visits Bernd Doppler, the former boss of the plant.  Doppler warns against making the God Particle public information, while Claudia thinks it can change the world. Nurse Innes continues to drug Mikkel by stealing pills from the hospital.  Old Ulrich escapes his prison by knocking out an orderly. He escapes and finds Mikkel for a brief reunion. Just before they get to the caves, they are stopped by police gun fire. Mikkel makes no attempt to help his father – is he too drugged? Ulrich sees his other two children while in the cop car because they had just used the time machine to travel back to ‘87. He gets strapped back in his bed.


Magnus, Martha, Fran, and Elii return to the cave where Bartosz is finally more forthcoming with information. Martha makes him prove that he has a time machine, which he does by showing them 1987. They return by episode’s end.  After being yelled at by her kids, Katharina goes to Hannah’s house to let some steam off.  Hannah doesn’t know where Jonas Stranger went and Clausen interrupts the happy chat by coming to interview Hannah. She lets him know that people look out for another in this town. Stranger Jonas leaves a necklace at Martha’s house. Upon his return, he shames his mom about not loving her husband and being a CHEAT!  In the episode’s biggest revelation, we learn that Noah is Charlotte’s father – but no indication of her mother. 

Whip Around Winden

Nurse Ines

Nooooooope. Don’t like this.  I think Ines thinks she is doing the right thing, by dosing Mikkel with sleeping pills. It seems that she is doing it to him during the day time and also without him knowing it.  This has to cause long term damage, right?  His organs would be all messed up surely (look, I’m a health expert).  He recognizes Ulrich but doesn’t make an attempt to defend Ulrich with his words.  It might have all been in vain – he probably wouldn’t have been taken seriously. One thing to consider is Egon’s recent research – if Mikkel had spoken up, would everything have crystalized for Egon?  I’d like to know more about what was going through Mikkel’s mind.

Something to consider from Season 1 – Nurse Ines was the one who brought Noah to Mikkel’s bedside in the hospital. Her motives may not be so pure.

Damn it Ines, that’s the 4th time you’ve gotten iodine today


Ulrich’s last two trips outdoors

Ok getting caught feet away from the caves has to be getting pretty old. Where is the sense of urgency? He had been planning to see Mikkel for 33 years – too much thinking! The cup trick wasted precious seconds – they could have been on their way home! For Ulrich, it was far too late – what kind of life would he have upon returning? Mikkel could have escaped Innes’ drugging though. Then Jonas would have never been born and all of this could have been avoided. It is very heartbreaking though. Ulrich was a good guy right? (Checks notes from Season 1, rips them up)

The 2020 Teens

First of all, Martha is way too harsh on Katharina. She can’t be literal with the “you haven’t spoken to us in months” thing right? She means “you haven’t talked to us much,” hopefully.  Katharina is about to share the time travel news with them but they’re like “BEAT IT MOM, WE DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU!” 

Bartosz reveals information about how he knew things were going to happen because of Noah.  All the teens do in 1987 is go back and confirm that Bartosz is correct. No mission to find Mikkel or Jonas, nothing! Maybe they want to form a plan. I feel like they could have poked around a bit more. 

Elli’s sixth sense makes her aware of Noah – her grandfather after the bombshell drop in this episode. Martha has taken the lead of the group, even though Magnus walks around all big and tough with his time machine. 


Hannah is to family pictures as Cersei is to written scrolls

I love how petty she is – she is ripping Michael Kahnwald out of her picture when Katharina knocks on her door.  Katharina does not rat her out when Clausen shows her the picture of Stranger Jonas. I thought Hannah was gonna smack Clausen when he said people in this town are so close they even share beds.  Hannah is probably thinking “REALLY, even this guy from an ambiguous time period  knows? I mean REALLY?” 


Roller coaster episode for Wake Up Winden’s patron saint.  First she finds out Noah is the one that killed the kids. She knows Noah encountered her daughter Elisabeth. So that has to be terrifying. Then, Noah shows up at her grandpa’s abandoned place and yeah he’s scary, but he’s also like “I’m your dad.” Why did I start writing like I was Ryen Russillo? He has a polaroid picture of the two of them. To be fair, how does Charlotte know that’s her? It could be any old baby.

Random Thoughts

  • Aleksander is way too casual about Bartosz being missing in a town where children go missing all of the time. He’s been the distant father the whole time – I’m surprised he knew the name Martha at all.
  • I think Claudia has rescheduled the French Delegation meeting 7 times by now.
  • According to Adam, a man lives 3 lives – the first one, you lose your naivety. Then, you lose your innocence. Last, your physical life. I guess I could see how he evolved from The Stranger. He was always fond of riddles and deep thoughts.
  • More Adam – God is time.  From the second we are born, our life begins to trickle away like grains of sand in the hourglass.   I guess if you have 66 years, you can come up with some beautifully sad and poetic shit.
  • Recurring images – don’t know how many episodes have started with some version of Jonas and Martha in bed together.  The two pictures we see – Ulrich with Hannah and Katharina mirror the pictures of Jonas, Bartosz and Martha. 
  • I forgot Bernd Doppler was still alive in 1987 – where is his wife?
  • Who is Charlotte’s mother?
  • Who is Regina’s father? The only known lover for Claudia is Tronte. Regina’s father is out of the picture.

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