S2 E2 Dark Matter

Each recap aims to be spoiler free. I won’t speculate too much on the future but will get you up to speed in the current episode. Thank you for reading and you can contact the show by emailing wakeupwinden@gmail.com. I am putting this part at the top of the recaps to prevent spoilers from the posts. Cheers!



Tiedemann Time!  Claudia receives a time machine and information dump from the older version of herself. Egon’s health is failing, but he wants to take one more look at the case of Mads Nielson one year later. A visit with Helge makes him think of the man he arrested some 34 years ago.  He goes to see Ulrich, now The Inspector, at the closed ward.  Ulrich tells Egon he doesn’t have long to live and that the police chief is going to die clueless.  We get a glimpse into the love life of Regina and Aleksander and it is actually quite wholesome and sweet.  

Aside from the Tiedemann’s, we get some focus back on Mikkel. He looks like he is trying to leave 1987 through the caves but is distracted by Noah. He ends up not leaving and appreciating Innes more.


Clausen hones his focus in on Regina Tiedemann for his investigation.  He drags Charlotte to go interview her and they ask questions about Ulrich and why he came to visit her the night before he disappeared.  She reveals information about Jonas the Stranger staying at the Forest Hotel Winden. She has a box with all of Jonas’ vision board crap, which matches things from Charlotte’s book written by her grandfather. She ditches them quickly to go find Peter and they meet in the bunker. She wants to know why her grandfather never told her about her parentage.

If only we had ordered 23 and Me.

Jonas the Stranger wants to show Hannah what he means by time travel. He brings her to the caves because it is safer to travel there. They do end up going back in time to get a glimpse of Mikkel through the window. 


Jonas is trying to stabilize the God Particle to make a portal. He doesn’t have enough power so he concocts a plan to lure the militaristic rebels to a building by blasting Elvis songs.   While they go check the building out, Jonas siphons gas that he uses to create the portal. As he is going back to the God Particle, he is caught by Elli’s translator.  The penalty for going beyond the wall is death, so he is to be hanged. Elli shoots him the leg, lets him hang for a few tense seconds before shooting the rope to release him.  He’s put in a cage until The Translator busts him out and asks him to show her the Dead Zone. Jonas very quickly stabilizes the God Particle and leaves The Translator in 2053. We are left in the dark to Jonas’ fate.  

Whip Around Winden


Did he notice Charlotte’s picture of Noah on the desk? Charlotte, why would you leave it half sticking out like that?


The show also draws attention to the fact that he does not drive for the second straight episode.  Charlotte (Queen) tells him he ought to take a taxi home in one of the most satisfying moments of the entire series. 

What is a taxi?

He also digs into Regina’s past by asking about Aleksander and when he came to Winden. These questions are all too knowing. What is in Clausen’s past?

Elli’s Translator

Ok so who is she?  Am I the only one who thinks she bears a small resemblance to Martha? Maybe it’s just because they both have brown hair and are of a similar age.  She seems to be second in command to Elli and I have no idea about her real name.  She helps Jonas by breaking him out of his cage, but she had to have some regrets after he just ditched her for the God Particle.  Jonas didn’t even offer for her to come. I bet her face was pretty red when he disappeared. 


Give it up for casting! I was certain that the older Ulrich was the same actor but they are different people!  Nothing in this show hits me harder than Ulrich being trapped in the prison all this time.  The consequences of his actions were so real, even if the show has an unrealistic premise.  No extraordinary event happened to save him and if this were real life, prison is where he would remain.  Tiedemann has now heard the line “My only aim is to take many lives, the more, the better I feel” from all three Ulrich’s now.  Ulrich has managed to make the people at his ward like him, as the receptionist calls him a nice guy and the “The Inspector.”  

I want a series where Ulirch stars in an Orange is the New Black style spin-off of German ‘50s prison.


Busy episode for Claudia as we get another meeting between the same character, aged 33 years apart. Old Claudia lets Red Claudia know that she is going to have to make a sacrifice and she won’t understand now, but she will soon.  The elder Claudia is much like Stranger Jonas or Noah – she can appear in any time zone.  

Her story is more believable because of the rare circumstances surrounding her.  Claudia has heterochromia – two different colored eyes. Obviously, both versions of Claudia display that trait.  If Gretchen coming back didn’t slam the truth home, digging up the time machine after reading the instructions surely did. 

Random Thoughts:

  • Why do all of these 1986 kids grow up to live in the house their parents grew up in, even if their parents are still alive? Is this common in Germany?
  • I wish Mikkel would have just shrugged and kept on walking to the caves as Noah walked away throwing the apple.
  • 2 Elvis references in one episode – and 2053 would be 100 years after his heyday. Long live the King!
  • Who else wanted Toast Hawaii after watching Innes talk about cooking it?
  • Ulrich drops the line “Everybody gets what they deserve.” Coming from him… bone-chilling.
  • Charlotte is so progressive! She stonewalls Clausen when he asks her if she thinks it’s strange that Aleksander took Regina’s name. 
  • The time machines that Jonas and Claudia have allow you to travel back and forth 33 years just like the caves – a more portable version.
  • Why is it safer to use in the caves? Claudia doesn’t use it in the caves. 
  • First mention of the White Devil from Helge in 1987… who is the White Devil?
  • What is Elli promising to her followers about a paradise?
  • How did Jonas get that gasoline back after his capture? Did they let him bring it to the cages? I thought this plot was airtight! 
  • Thunder by Rx is our musical montage song.
  • Jonas is going to feel pretty silly if he ends up in the Stone Age.

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