S1 E7 Crossroads

Each recap aims to be spoiler free. I won’t speculate too much on the future but will get you up to speed in the current episode. Thank you for reading and you can contact the show by emailing wakeupwinden@gmail.com. I am putting this part at the top of the recaps to prevent spoilers from the posts. Cheers!


Whooo, bear with me here.

Ulrich follows a lead from the 1986 investigation of Mads. He wants to investigate Helge Doppler closer. He finds out that Helge never showed for his interview with Egon Tiedemann. We find out Helge never showed because of an accident Peter Doppler reveals to Charlotte.

Charlotte and Ulrich do not work together in this episode, mainly because she has to suspend Ulrich for being dragged away from Helge’s room.  Ulrich gets a little more help from his mom with a clue that leads him back to Helge. At this point, his personal life has gone to hell as Katharina tells him she knows about Hannah.  Since the rest home is the most lax place ever, Helge escapes out the window. Ulrich follows about 10 seconds behind. He leads Ulrich to the caves where he seems to know what he is doing. 

Meanwhile, Jonas hangs out for a while in 1986 and returns. He is about to bring Mikkel back but stops when The Stranger intervenes. If Jonas were to bring Mikkel back then Jonas is never born. He struggles, but ultimately leaves him there. We find out Helge has been bringing the dead bodies to 1953, working with Noah.

What are the crossroads?

  • Jonas having to decide to save his own life or save his dad’s life. Perhaps if he brings Mikkel back, Michael never has to commit suicide. A life for a life as The Stranger says.
  • Katharina and Ulrich clearly at a crossroads.
  • Ulrich and his career – careening wildly off track, results in a suspension. Can he solve this case to save his career?
  • Forest Road/State Road
  • (From previous episode, I know, I’m cheating) – literal fork in the road in the cave. Jonas takes the path on the right. That takes him to 1986. How about the path on the left?

Trending Up

Egon Tiedemann

The retiring police chief has not had too many good moments so far. He has been labeled as ineffectual and a drunk. In this episode, he is on the right track by questioning Helge. Helge never makes it to the meeting – we need more info to get the full picture.  The scene with Jonas and Egon made me like both of them more.  Egon cannot believe the iPhone headphones and he sincerely asks Jonas if teens are into Satanism.  Jonas laughs out loud in a rare moment and quickly has to get serious after seeing Egon’s face.  Egon may not be around in 2019, but his work is being brought back to the light.


I’m liking Regina more and more with each passing episode.  She was kind and didn’t judge Jonas when they had an encounter in the 1986 school hallway. Jonas asks her about the year and she answered without batting an eye. She questions him further when he leaves, asking if she’s looking for someone. First he says, Mikkel, the nurse’s son. He finds out the nurse doesn’t have kids, but Regina gives him an obvious tip – check the hospital.  Could you imagine if he had run into Katharina or Ulrich? His head would have been down a toilet.

The Stranger

So timely. Good save Stanger! Jonas was about to obliterate his own existence by taking Mikkel back to the past. He intervenes at the right moment and makes an argument for what seems unbelievable to Jonas. Check out this line, very prescient for our current climate in 2020. “Sometimes it’s hard for us to grasp things that go against all we are conditioned to believe. How did people feel when the earth was round?” 

Jonas goes back to the present without Mikkel, thus ensuring his existence. 

Trending Down


THIS GUY!  It is hard to watch the scene where Katharina corners him and we watch Ulrich lie until she comes out and says it. He tries to explain and Katharina is like “honey, don’t.”  He also gets suspended from the force, contributing to him and Charlotte not working together as closely as they should be. They both have crucial information, if they would only communicate and listen to one another. Ulrich follows Helge to the cave with no backup, only a vague voicemail for Charlotte. He is acting like a man with nothing to lose. (Cut to Magnus and Martha walking the forest tracks unsupervised, injecting needles and shit)


I’m going to go ahead and make a blanket statement – if you’re caught moving dead children to a different time period, you are going to have a spot on my Trending Down list. I’m going to say that qualifies as bad.  Noah belongs on this list too – but he hasn’t really garnered any sympathy in the first place. I can hear the tones, I know the creators want me to know he’s bad! Old-aged Helge appears to be dealing with his past (despite the dementia) – he says he can change the past. Let’s hope so because Middle-Aged Helge did some horrible things.

Raider Bars

Being associated with murderers is not the branding you want.

Random Thoughts

  • Mikkel takes the painting of the Sic Mundus symbol at the hospital. We know he must have seen the symbol on the door when he passed the crossing. Is he already gathering information that will be used to create the map Jonas uses later?
  • Charlotte loves to ignore the cop with one eye – Woller. He seems to exist to move the plot forward. He will give Charlotte a piece of information. Charlotte uses said information and quickly dismisses him.
  • A police officer tells Egon – this isn’t the 1950’s, we don’t go by hunches any more. Egon, quite put out by that.
  • Charlotte gets to investigate the power plant – with a warrant.  She repels down to the cave (just like Claudia) and goes to the spot where all of the DANGER BARRELS were located. All that’s left is some yellow paint. Charlotte also finds a mysterious door with burn marks on the bottom. Someone trying to break through?
  • The Stranger hitting Jonas with what he doesn’t want to hear – “Martha is your aunt.” DEAL WITH IT!
  • Noah is writing the date for November 5th and 9th of 1953. We have seen him in 1986 and 2019. Is he ageless or a time traveller?
  • Is that Yasin’s body Helge has in 1953? Correct me if I am wrong.
  • 1953 is 33 years before 1986.
  • Noah is ripped. The hot priest in Fleabag couldn’t hold a candle to Bad Priest.
  • I really want to read this Journey Through Time book that keeps popping up.
  • This week in great Charlotte Faces:
Getting that A when mom said you wouldn’t.
When you hear Ulrich’s bullshit one time too many

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