S1 E6 Sic Mundus Creatus Est

Each recap aims to be spoiler free. I won’t speculate too much on the future but will get you up to speed in the current episode. Thank you for reading and you can contact the show by emailing wakeupwinden@gmail.com. I am putting this part at the top of the recaps to prevent spoilers from the posts. Cheers!


Secrets and traumas are revealed about Regina Tiedemann. She was part of a cruel joke (some would say torture) from Ulrich and Katharina as a youth. In the present, we learn her health is deteriorating due to cancer.  She crosses paths with Katharina and takes an absolute beating at the hands of the principal. Katharina was primed for a fight after confirming suspicions about Ulrich’s cheating. Ulrich digs into the 1986 investigation of his missing brother, revealing secrets about his father’s past. His father, Tronte, and Peter Doppler are seen in the cabin bunker together. They know when the next time travel will occur. Jonas searches more for Mikkel using his new tools and eventually finds an opening to 1986 where he has a convenient encounter with his teenage mother. 

What does Sic Mundus Creatus Est mean?

Looks like there can be a few different translations, but roughly: Thus the world was created

Deathly Hallows Sign: OUT – Sic Mundus Sign: IN

Trending Down:



“You two deserve each other.” – Regina Tiedemann


First of all, haul both of them off to prison, please.  What are we doing? Katharina is beating up cancer patients at a school where she is the PRINCIPAL. Ulrich straight up chokes Hannah for a few tense seconds.  Both are wildly unfit for their positions.  I would say they were unfit before all of the grief based on what we’ve seen. Given their current situation, they need to be on leave (and then be arrested). Katharina lectures the whole town while calling into the local radio show, only to be mocked by Regina about it later.  She totally ruins a wonderful acting performance by her daughter by rushing on stage to totally take you out of the scene. My word, give Martha the Oscar! I expected her to be like “MOM WTF!”  

We even see how terrible Ulrich and Katharina were as children. They tie Regina to a tree and leave her there. When I type that up, I’m thinking there has to be more to it, but that was exactly what we were shown. In fact, Regina tells Ulrich that  because of that prank, Mads would walk with her in the forest so she wouldn’t be alone. He would not have gone back for her if this didn’t happen. 


Bartosz. Oh My God, read the room. We go to Martha’s very professional and private dressing room (seriously is this a high school or Lady Crane’s studio?) and Bartosz has not heard from Martha in days.  Her brother has been missing. Bartosz runs to kiss her on the lips as the international community collectively cringes.  He asks if she’s angry with him and she is so gracious and says she is not. So Bartosz sees an opportunity for a kiss. This is his face immediately after the bold attempt.

Run away with me.


Then he says run away with me! What? This is all right before she is about to take stage for the performance of a lifetime. I like to think anger at Bartosz helped fuel it. (Ya know, it also could be because of her brother being missing and her mom and dad completely falling apart, but let’s keep the focus on Bartosz.)

Trending Up:


Finally, something is happening with this guy! I have not been giving much love for Jonas.  A lot of his scenes so far have been by himself as he has been Sherlock Jonas, following his dad’s map.  I love that he is now in 1986 with Mikkel. We don’t see them interact, but we do see Hannah interact with Jonas (again, she seems to have lost all memory of this interaction).  Jonas seems dismissive of Hannah because he freaks out when he realizes what has happened. He denies her for a ride. Another blow to Hannah’s well-being.

Regina and Aleksander

What’s this? A semi-functioning relationship? I know Regina hides the cancer results from Aleksander, but I can’t really blame her for that. That’s terrifying and gut-wrenching to talk about with a loved one.  Aleksander misses her original phone call. He later finds out about the results after finding mail from the mammography center in Regina’s jacket. When he finds out the truth, he is patient and kind, telling her that he is there for her.  When she gets home, bloodied from Katharina, they share a nice moment.

You have to feel sympathetic towards Regina for her past as well. The opening scene is from her perspective – tied up, alone in the woods. She sees something supernatural – it sounds like the same sound we hear in episode 1 right before Mikkel was lost. 

Random Thoughts:   

  • A big theme of this episode is the idea that we can never really truly know someone.  Ulrich tells Hannah, “how easily one can be deceived by people.” Martha tells Magnus that they don’t even know their own parents – they have no idea what they were like as teenagers (Oh Martha, you don’t want to know). 
  • Ulrich does some decent detective work in this episode. He listens to old tapes of Egon Tiedemann (which must be difficult). He realizes his mother lied to the chief. Tronte was not home that night.  He confronts his father and his father denies – we find out from Jana that Tronte was having an affair with Claudia Tiedemann. For those scoring at home, Claudia would be Egon’s daughter, Regina’s mother, and Bartosz’s grandmother. Everybody is related.
  • Ulrich gains further information by hearing about Checkov’s chin scratch. Ulrich and Mad’s got in a terrible fight when they were young, but it only left a scratch on Mad’s chin. Ulrich checks and finds that scratch on the body of the missing boy – seemingly preserved 33 years later. Obviously, time travel exists in this world explaining the body.
  • Ulrich also finds out that it was Hannah who lied about him to the police in 1986.  Regina helps him put it together, even though he previously thought it was her. This leads to a violent confrontation with Hannah. Ulrich is unhinged. Shitty information to find out about of course, but dude. 
  • Tronte and Peter are up to something together. I thought something very sinister was going to happen when they were together in the cellar, but they were tracking the supernatural phenomenon going on around them. They seemed to know something would happen at 9:17. That is when Jonas travelled to 1986. Their role is still extremely murky.  I don’t trust either one of them. 
  • Regina has a Catelyn Stark from the Game of Thrones moment (well, book-version). She tells Ulrich “It should have been you” when referring to Mads’ disappearance. Winden is such a happy little town!

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