S1 E4 Double Lives

Each recap aims to be spoiler free. I won’t speculate too much on the future but will get you up to speed in the current episode. Thank you for reading and you can contact the show by emailing wakeupwinden@gmail.com. I am putting this part at the top of the recaps to prevent spoilers from the posts. Cheers!


This is a Doppler centric episode as we zone in on the lives of Charlotte, Franziska, Elli, and Peter.  We learn of the formal nature of Charlotte and Peter’s marriage – they don’t sleep in the same room.  Also, Charlotte finds good reason to be suspicious of Peter’s involvement in the case of the missing children. Franziska gets stalked by Magnus, but they end up together by the end of the episode. Yes, that happens. Elli is the victim of irresponsible parenting and lax school procedures. She is missing for half the episode as she decides to walk home by herself. When she makes it home that night, Charlotte is so relieved.  That relief turns to disturbance as Elli gives her a watch from a “new friend” named Noah. The watch is inscribed “for Charlotte.” Meanwhile, Ulrich decides to go rover and hops the fence to the nuclear power plant. He is caught immediately. Elli’s friend Yasmin runs into a stranger at the end of the episode. The 47th hooded figure of the series tells him, “You must be Yasin, Noah sent me.” (cut to me shook on the couch)

What are the double lives?

  • Peter Doppler – Masks his sexuality with a marriage, used to see prostitutes regularly
  • Ulrich – Relationship with Hannah, can’t connect with Katharina
  • Franziska – student/situation in the forest with the money pickups
  • Elli – Franziska thinks she acts all sweet but is really not – is she proven correct when Elli is revealed to have taken the lipstick?
  • Charlotte – Lying to her one eyed cop partner

Trending Down


🎵🎵”I guess I’m problematic as hellllllllll…. I’m a stalker.” – Magnus 🎵🎵

Let’s review. Magnus sits in on Fran’s class. He’s not in this literature class.  Fran leaves to go to the bathroom. Magnus follows her into the woods, watches her scoop some money from a box underneath the railroad tracks, and then follows her back to school.  This is not normal behavior. It escalates. He watches her from the window of the locker room. He continues to watch her through her ballet. He confronts her and insults her by claiming she’s not special.

I thought we were going to get this:

Instead, they hook up in the very private high school locker room. The supervision at this school, SMH.   Fran is really going through a lot with her parents to have to seek comfort in Magnus. He’s broken too. I guess that’s what the show is trying to tell us. Wish it wasn’t through a stalking!

The High School Literature Teacher:

He sucks. Weak. Ineffectual. Moving on!

Peter Doppler:

Perhaps I have buried the lead. From this episode, we know that Peter is hiding something, maybe a lot of things.  Charlotte has evidence that he was driving near the site of the missing children around the exact same time Mikkel disappeared. He lies to her about his whereabouts that night and she knows he’s lying because she has him on videotape driving the car. We know Mikkel is in 1986, but why is he lying. Why is he always so simpering? He seems so guilty of something. In an earlier episode, he was saying the prayer of serenity. What has he done that he cannot change? Their marriage is sad as Peter has no interest in Charlotte and we see them come out of separate bedrooms. They seem to stick together for the good of their children. They seem to only discuss their children. Franziska sees through it though. They do have a nice moment together while they think Elli is missing. Peter is very vexing.


Quick check in – I thought Ulrich was going to go Nicolas Cage in National Treasure on us. He looked so ready to do some damage at the power plant. He’s got his hood on. He’s making his way to the fence, face full of determination. He leaps over the fence as I pump my fist. Find that declarati- er, find those secrets!  Next time we see him, he’s in Aleksander Tiedemann’s custody with a bloody nose. Life ain’t like the fairy tales.

Trending Up 


Elli had a wonderful debut on the show. She is sassy, funny, and sneaky.  When she is left alone at school, she remembers her mom’s advice at first. She’s not supposed to leave without her. Charlotte, not running for mother of the year in this episode, waits way too long to call for backup. Good cop though. Elli takes matters into her own hands and decides to walk home. What happens next is offscreen – we don’t know what happened to Noah. There are hours unaccounted for and all we know is she got a watch from this Noah and it was for Charlotte. Charlotte doesn’t press! I think I would want to know more details about this Noah encounter.  

Charlotte (maybe not for her parenting)

Excellent detective work here by Charlotte. We saw she loved to draw birds as a child. I’m guessing this interest in birds led to her knowledge of the wildlife rehabilitation camera. She “confiscates” the tape and is able to find out who was on the road at the time of Mikkel’s disappearance. She is also putting together the connections between the two time periods. She’s also making use of the only person capable of an autopsy in Winden. Seriously, she is game for any cadaver.  We always learn about the ruptured ear drum in these poor animals or even in the case of the dead boy with the walkman.  Nobody can explain it.

Aleksander Tiedemann 

The power plant boss is taking the high road by not pressing charges on Ulrich.  He demonstrates why being in charge of the power plant is akin to running the town. This guy had a police officer in custody. My how the tables have turned Ulrich. 

Random Thoughts

  • Jonas reminded me of Bran from the middle seasons of Game of Thrones. He’s travelling this way, that way, this cave, turn here, Hodor, who’s that, more cave.  He rejected his mom for a date and she looked so sad. Why was he not in my trending down section? He finds nothing except an ominous miniature red noose on his bike.  Everything’s fine.
  • Ulrich made me chuckle at a sad part. He wonders why it couldn’t have been Aleksander’s son who went missing. Who’s Aleksander’s son? Bartosz. Hey, Ulrich said it, not me!
  • I love how Charlotte does not give a FUCK about Peter’s problems
  • I feel sad thinking about the whimper Peter would probably make every time he hung up the phone with one of Elli’s classmate’s parents. 
  • Nothing good can be going on in the cellar Charlotte found.
  • I think something is lost in translation for me when Elli is telling her mom that she was dating Yasin. The English subtitles say “He’s my boyfriend. I believe that’s what they’re calling it now.” Just found that strange and would be curious to know what she is really saying.
  • Favorite post credit opening so far – I laugh every time I see Franziska storm out and demand her lipstick.

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